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There’s electricity in the air when Ray Boucher is onstage. He may be just one guy with a guitar, but the sound he makes is explosive and enveloping – like a full-tilt rock ‘n’ roll band with a charismatic lead singer and a ridiculously talented lead guitarist creating something magical, and magnetic, together.

That’s because Ray Boucher is both of those things.

The seasoned musician is no stranger to big stages and over the course of his career has shared bills with acts like Night Ranger, Cheap Trick, Ronnie James Dio, Ace Frehley, John Waite and countless others. He was the songwriter and lead-man for one of the New England area's top Rock bands, and he brings that aesthetic to his one-man shows: He is an awe-inspiring acoustic guitar player – both lead and rhythm, often at the same time – who gives the material the precision and passion it deserves.










Ray has been performing solo acoustic shows in and around the Tampa Bay area over the past 10 years and covers an eclectic mix of artists, putting his personality, unique style and soul into every selection. His smokey singing voice brings a freshness and intimacy to everything from Classic Rock standards to New Country.












These he mixes with his dynamic original material to create one of the most unique, and musically satisfying, solo performances in the Tampa Bay area.

“I’ve found that I really enjoy the freedom of being up there by myself,” Ray explains. “If I want to change an arrangement on the fly, or adjust the tempo, I have the freedom to do so. I like that.”

“I play my solo gigs with the same attitude as I did when I was playing a concert,” Ray says. “I can sit on the couch and relax when I’m home playing, but when I’m performing for an audience, I want to give them everything I’ve got. I feel an incredible energy when I perform. The music does that to me. I'm immersed in the song. ”

"I have always had a deep admiration for great songwriting from every genre. It's great to unleash the beast occasionally to show folks that you can shred the guitar neck, but that gets boring."  It's melodies that they remember.”  Says Ray "
People want something to connect to. Those are the types of songs I like to cover when I perform my acoustic shows."

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